Updates Archive

New codes: February 08, 2006
I made all new codes, except for the TeniMyu ones (which were relatively recent). I was tired of the old ones. =D

New codes: January 11, 2006
I made new codes featuring TeniMyu!Shishido in 50x50, 100x5 and 200x40.

About TeniMyu: January 09, 2006
Added a bit on information on TeniMyu and Kamakari Kenta. Thanks to Dimmie for... being my TeniMyu guide. =D

Revamp in progress: January 09, 2006
I'm using the crosslisting approval as an excuse to revamp this site, starting with a new layout (something I've been wanting to do for a long while). I'm also starting to turn this into more of a small shrine.

Crosslisted: January 05, 2006
I've just been approved to crosslist this fanlisting at TFL under Stage Characters, to cover Shishido's TeniMyu incarnation. =D