My net handle is Mura or Murasaki, and I've been into Prince of Tennis since late 2002, or at least that's when I started to really follow the series.

I've been a Hyoutei fan from the start. I don't really like Seigaku all that much (I downright hate Ryoma), and the rivals are the reason I watch the series. Hyoutei in particular, specifically Shishido, Atobe and Oshitari. I'm also particularly fond of Kirihara, Sanada, Chitose, Kura, Ohtori and Renji. Oh, and I have a mad crush on kantoku, but that's neither here nor there. XD

Shishido first caught my attention when he, Atobe and Kabaji arrive at the Prefectural tournament together; more specifically, while Fuji is wiping the floor with Mizuki's ass. My reaction to him was "Who's the really pretty guy with the long hair?", and his cocky attitude was also amusing. But the reason I love him is everything that happened after: his "fall from grace", and how hard he worked to redeem himself. I also find his personality just fascinating.